Intercity Business Park - Mechelen North - Office

Address 2800 Mechelen

The Intercity Business Park is located next to the E19 Antwerp - Brussels. This business park consists of 12 office buildings. In total Intercity Business Park offers approximately 35,000m² office space, 9,000m² laboratory facilities and 3,000m² warehouse space. The adjacent E19 offers a high visibility location. Intercity Business Park is located at exit 9 of Mechelen-Noord and is therefore very easy to reach by car.

Bus 6 (Mechelen North) takes you from the train station in Mechelen within 20 minutes to Intercity Business Park. This bus also stops at the entrance of the park and drives there and back three times an hour every working day. In addition, De Lijn's timetable is coordinated with that of the SNCB to ensure a smooth connection.