Offices to let in Kallo Port of Antwerp

Burcht Singelberg

9130 Kallo

For five centuries, Antwerp has been one of the world's most prominent ports, and therefore the place to be for every thriving company.

The office complex has an exceptional, visible location in the epicenter of shipping traffic on the Schelde. Moreover, there is a direct connection between the offices and the water via walkways.

By car, there is an easy connection with the Liefkenshoektunnel, offering immediate connection with the right bank and container terminals. The accessibility is also guaranteed by the R2 (expressway connection with Liefkenshoek) and E34 motorway, to the center of Antwerp, the Netherlands (Eindhoven) & Germany.

The prestigious project provides a work friendly environment, with meeting places in the courtyards between the buildings. Moreover, a strong identity is created by grouping the buildings as a fortress, overlooking the dikes, woods and polders. The complex is built with exceptional quality in terms of architecture and artistic value by integrating art.

The project offers both new and existing offices, in full comfort and with plenty of space to park. A restaurant, a multi-purpose room for meetings, and showers are available in the complex. There are also a lot of other services in the area, such as an ironing service, gas station with shop and car wash.

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AXIMAS bvba/sprl
Call toll-free 0800 32020
Supervising authority
Van Dornestraat 198
2100 Antwerp
+32 3 7727233
Brussels & periphery
4 rue de la Presse
1000 Brussels
+32 2 227 11 02
East- & West-Flanders
Hofstraat 269
9000 Ghent
+32 9 233 34 00
Leuven / Limburg
Doornstraat 19
3370 Boutersem
+32 16 29 97 97