Withdrawal of the brokerage agreement & pre-contractual information

For contracts concluded outside the company, the consumer must always receive the model withdrawal form. Please note that exercising the right of withdrawal is allowed, but not required, with this specific form. Any unambiguous statement is sufficient to withdraw.

To exercise the right of withdrawal, the client can thus use the model form for withdrawal which was handed to him by the estate agent at the time of the pre-contractual information (rental/sale); or he can make another unequivocal statement in which he declares to withdraw from the agreement.

The withdrawal does not have to be sent by registered letter, and the burden of proof of withdrawal lies with the consumer.

Although the withdrawal clause must be included in all contracts concluded with the consumer, it is possible, subject to the prior express agreement of the consumer, to exclude this provision under the following conditions, again depending on where the contract was concluded.

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