Velopa-Omniplay relocates from Tienen to Haasrode

Through intermediation of Aximas, Velopa-Omniplay has relocated to the Haasrode business park where it will rent approximately 600 m² offices and storage.

Haasrode was chosen because of its very accessible location, yet still very close to Velopa's current location in Tienen.

The company is engaged in the sale, assembly, distribution and installation of street furniture, bicycle parking systems, (bicycle) shelters, playground amusements, outdoor sport articles, sandpits and safety surfaces. In all cases the products are for application in public and semi-public exterior areas. VelopA has in the meantime developed a very dominant position in most of the markets in which it operates. For example nearly every municipality in the Benelux uses VelopA-products on a regular basis. VelopA products are a very familiar sight for every Dutch and Belgian citizen. Most of the products are developed and produced under VelopA’s direction.

03/05/2004 by Patrick Vermuyten

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