Buyer & Tenant representation

Buyer & Tenant representation

Buyer & Tenant representation services,lease renegotiation services, audit of service costs, subleasing & assignment of leases of commercial real estate.

Our expertise on commercial real estate puts us in a unique position to provide commercial real estate services. 

Buyer & Tenant representation services
Are you looking for a specific office space, warehouse, distribution centre, hotel, shop, retail outlet, property development or real estate investment? Would like to have an expert on your side to invest the right time in the search and have an experienced negotiator on your side? We use our complete network of real estate investors, property developers & commercial real estate agents to find your ideal property.

Renegotiations of current lease contracts & prices / Expansion of your surface in an existing lease

Your current leaseprice in an existing lease will more often than not no longer correspond with the market prices. By average the rental price increases during a lease of 9 years with more than 20% because of indexation and changing market prices because of structural vacancy in certain regions. Even if you don't want to leave your current premises, we usually can obtain a significant decrease of your rental price. Contact us for more information (no cure, no fee).

Audit of the service costs
We noticed that over 50% of the invoices with service costs contain systematic errors because of calculation to deliberate errors (like the charging of 100% of the cost of the fire insurance, including the owners share).

Sublease or lease-assignment of unused business space
Our commercial real estate agency has an extensive experience and long list of references in finding a fast solution for surplus offices and warehouses.