Tenant representation services

Tenant rep services & real estate consultancy in Antwerp, Brussels, Ghent & Leuven - Belgium.

Our expertise on commercial real estate in Brussels & in Belgium puts us in a position to provide accurate & independent tenant representation services:

Audit of the service costs

We have noticed that over half of the service costs invoices contain significant errors consisting of human errors, not taking into consideration of different conditions than the standard contract up-to deliberate errors such as charging the full fire insurance instead of only the tenant’s share.

Renegotiation of the lease

Over the duration of a lease contract the rent will have increased with more than 20% through aximas-is-a-commercial-real-estate-agent-with-local-offices-in-brussels-ghent-leuvenation alone and because of the structural vacancy in some area’s the rental prices have decreased significantly. Our market knowledge will usually enable us to renegotiate a significantly better price – even when you are not really considering moving.

Contact us for a free evaluation of your service costs or lease agreement, you have nothing to loose considering that you only have to pay a fee when our work brings your costs down (no cure, no pay).


Brokers are usually paid by the landlord and are not always in a position to look after your interests as a tenant. Companies who prefer to have us on their side can hire us for tenant representation with complete stay-or-leave market research.

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