Ambitious real estate agents welcome

Ambitious real estate agents welcome

Aximas is looking for commercial real estate agents in Antwerp, Brussels, Ghent & Liège.

Aximas was created in 1994 on the Brussels office market as an alternative for the big international commercial real estate agents and has since then become a player to be reckoned with. Always re-inventing itself with new ways of marketing, Aximas has been innovative enough to make the difference. 

Aximas currently operates on the principal office & industrial markets in Belgium with offices in Brussels, Ghent & Leuven.

We have recently set-up a new, extremely competitive structure which can combine the dynamic spirit of independent real estate entrepreneurs with a larger structure and listings. We can offer access to probably the finest real estate cloud system in the world allowing us to penetrate and market commercial real estate with amazing easy. 

Although our main focus remains expansion on the principal markets in Belgium, we are wiling & able to set-up shop just about anywhere if the right person & opportunity came around knocking at our door.