IPI real estate agent trainee master

IPI real estate agent trainee master

Real estate agent trainee master specialized in commercial real estate in Brussels seeks IPI trainees.

Real estate agents are required to obtain a license with the institute for real estate agents.

Our real estate agent trainee master, together with the sales trainer and coach, ensures the smooth running of your real estate agent internship.

With almost 30 years of experience, he is the person of choice not only to teach you the tricks of the trade but also to make sure that after your internship you end up in the right place within the company where you can put your knowledge into practice as part of a high-performing team with the prospect of a bright future.

Provided the necessary commitment, courage & perseverance, your commercial skills will be meticulously updated and followed-up. In addition to a fixed fee, you can count on a nice commission when realizing a transaction.

Interested? Contact our real estate agent trainee master.