Aximas has negotated the letting of 3 VRT satellite offices around Brussels

The Flemisch Radio and Television corporation decided to offer new facilities to its personnel and to cope with the increasing traffic problems around the capital.

Three locations have been selected through the intermediation of AXIMAS in Mechelen, Leuven and Aalst so that people coming from the provinces of Antwerp, Vlaams-Brabant and Oost-Vlaanderen can avoid a few days a week to queue in the traffic jams to Brussels on rush hours.

In Leuven, a unit (with first refusal on a 2nd one) has been rented in the well-known Octogoon building on the Haasrode business park. Located next to the E40 highway, it offers a central location that can be reached easily by most people in the region. Good connections by busses offer quite reasonable public transportation.

In Mechelen, a unit has been rented on the popular new business park Mechelen Campus. Good connections with buses to the Mechelen trainstation but above all its location on Mechelen-Noord near the exits on the E19 highway offers an excellent accessibility.

In Aalst, a newly built small office building on Tragel (pictured) was selected because of its ideal location near the trainstation and between both exits of the E40 highway.

17/05/2005 by Patrick Vermuyten

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