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1000 Brussels

You are about to discover a unique office building in Brussels! Once you have parked your car in the private, guarded car park, your eyes will turn towards the Royal Depot, rising up majestically in front of the Canal. Built at the beginning of the 20th century and renovated in 2001, this former trading hall is now home to more than 40 companies, along with shops, restaurants and cultural events.

Once you have stepped inside the main entrance, under the watchful eye of Mercury, the God of Trade, the Interior Street spreads out in front of you and leads you to the central reception. You will be given an access badge for the various floors, and guided towards your destination.

On the way, you will marvel at the galleries of the four floors with their spacious salons, interspersed with beams and columns, and within which more than a thousand people work.

Would you like to clear your mind or take a bite to eat following your meeting? Tour & Taxis has a lot of services to offer, all under one roof. The 180 metre long Interior Street, built above the former railway, invites you to stroll along and discover its high quality restaurants, services and shops. Try a glass of wine, purchase a designer creation or even carry out your financial transactions… This central aisle, surmounted by a glazed roof, gives you the opportunity to relax in a new way, in its own special light and atmosphere.

And why not return to the Royal Depot, this time for some culture or relaxation?

The World Press Photo, the ‘It’s our History’ exhibition, the Daniel Ost Days, these are just a few examples of prestigious events you can visit.

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