New offices to let in the Brussels north quarter

Address 1000 Brussels

The site Tour & Taxis will be the home of a new lively city district. The Gare Maritime building has been renovated and the sprawling former goods station will become a covered area with facilities for working, shopping, leisure, food and drink and public events. The Gare Maritime is a beautiful building. The wooden panels with which the original roof was built in 1902 have been restored and brought into perfect condition. They complement the smaller wooden structures, which housed the office and retail space. The three central spans of the development remain free, creating a generous space for walking and relaxing together, or for attending events, exhibitions and festivals.

Wood and paving stones from the original construction were also reused in the redevelopment of the Gare Maritime, as were the historic steel columns. This ensures that the history of the site is integrated into the next evolution.

The Gare Maritime is energy neutral and uses the latest renewable energy technologies. Photovoltaic panels power the entire power plant. Geothermal wells provide heating and cooling, maintaining a temperate climate in both winter and summer.

  • Construction year 1902
  • Renovation year 2019-2020