Industrial land for sale in Limburg | Kristal Park III

Address 3920 Lommel

Part of the largest industrial estate in Western Europe, Kristal Park is a well-equipped and multi-modal accessible industrial estate. A strong mix of international companies and a wide variety of sectors is represented in Kristal Park. 

Multi-modal accessibility: Kristal Park is accessible by roadway, waterway and railway.

Competitive land prices: 40 €/sqm 


- Young population

- Motivated and loyal employees

- Well-trained: highly educated, technical capabilities, in-depth knowledge of several languages

4 main activity-based areas:

- business services and high-tech: 20 ha (8)

- Logistics, Transport and Distribution: 46 ha (1,2,3)

- Large scale industrial activities: 143 ha (4,5,6,7,13,14,15)

- Regional Industrial Activities: 95 ha (9,10,11,12)