Post X is the largest office project in Belgium, which will provide a working space for more than 4,000 people. The first building on the site is already occupied to a large extent by education centre Syntra. In the first half of 2018, a four-star hotel with 135 rooms will also open its doors here. In the same building, there will also be a gym, cafés and restaurants: this way, the link with the residential district Zurenborg is created.

The project offers more than just a space to work: the facility center of the office complex also provides space for restaurants, a supermarket, gym and ironing service. On the bustling courtyard you will have the complete comfort of complementary services at your fingertips, creating an ideal work-life balance.

The ground floor of the building can thus also be rented as retail, restaurant or showroom.

The complex is built in a state of the art architecture, by the same architect as Tour & Taxis in Brussels. Moreover, it concerns passive offices, which leads to cost savings through low power consumption.

The site is easily accessible because of its convenient location on the Ring, Singel and Borsbeekbrug. There is a direct connection to the station next to the Antwerp-Berchem station via a pedestrian bridge over the Singel.

In addition to accessibility, it is also an incredibly visible location, with a passage of up to 200,000 cars and 15,200 rail passengers per weekday, seeing your logo displayed on the common, giant LED screens on the buildings. This increases your company's marketing value significantly.