Warehouse for rent & sale in the Port of Ghent

Address 9000 Gent

This industrial leasehold property consist of 2685m² warehouse & 317 m² offices. About 790 m² warehouse has been rented to the City of Ghent until december 2019. Additional outdoors storage of 1330 m² is possible.

The port of Ghent is the third biggest port in Belgium. The first port of Ghent was situated at the Scheldt river and later on at the Lys river. Since the Middle Ages Ghent has sought for a connection to the sea. In the 13th century via the Lieve canal to the Zwin near Damme, in the 16th century via the Sassevaart, in the 17th century via the Ghent-Bruges Canal. Since the 19th century by the Ghent-Terneuzen Canal which connects via the Western Scheldt to the North Sea. The port of Ghent is accessible by ships of the Panamax size. There are however talks to renew the locks in Terneuzen, which would enable bigger ships to enter the harbour.

  • Land surface 7371 m²