Stephanie Square: office space for rent in Brussels

Address 1050 Brussels

The property is an office building with retail on the ground level and parking in the basement. The building totals 14.306 m² offices, 2.099 m² retail shops and 188 internal parking spaces. The property is a multi-tenant office building with different retail shops on the ground level. 

The building has a reinforced concrete structure with 7 upper levels. The different office levels are built around an open courtyard and benefits of 3 staircases and lifts, as well as 2 sanitary blocks and kitchenette.

The office levels have been renovated with predominantly no false ceilings, but rather suspended light boxes, carpet on false floors, 2.80m free height, air conditioning and double glazed windows with helio screens (aluminium framed original windows, arguably rather dated and a weak point in what is otherwise a very high quality building).

  • Construction year 1988