The privateer Interleuven has finally been caught for piracy

In the past, Interleuven has polluted the deeds of all lands & properties they sold with a right to reacquire their former properties at bookvalue.

As mentioned in our serial with previous articles about the abuses of Interleuven, the public development company Interleuven holded on to her meanwhile forbidden abusive practises. Despite the verdict of 26.11.2011 Beringen-Democo of the highest court in Belgium that clearly forbids these practises, the verdict of 01.03.2011 Interleuven-Bexon and the shamefull verdict of 28-11-2013 Interleuven-Dham, Interleuven kept on racketeering the companies in the Leuven region that wanted to sell properties with their special conditions in the deeds. 

Well we are happy to announce that the privateer Interleuven has been finally caught for piracy in the most recent verdict of 17.04.2015. Their letter of marque from the local communes & the City of Leuven which authorized them to racketeer from local entreprises has been judged illegal. Interleuven not only got convicted (again) for abuse of power but the right to purchase the property based upon the special conditions in the deed has been taken away when a seller (or his agent) has found a buyer that complies with the allowed activities & minimum employment set for the business park where the property is located.

17/04/2015 by Patrick Vermuyten

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